BigCommerce Data Dictionary
  • 06 Jul 2021
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BigCommerce Data Dictionary

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Panoply uses the BigCommerce API to collect your data into the data warehouse. The following endpoints of the API are available to be collected.



Returns a list of *Brands *within the catalog.

BigCommerce Brands Data Dictionary

Brand Metafields

Returns a list of Brand Metafields.

BigCommerce Brand Metafields Data Dictionary


Returns a list of Categories within the catalog.

BigCommerce Categories Data Dictionary.

Category Metafields

Returns a list of Metafields on a Category

BigCommerce Category Metafields Data Dictionary


Returns a list of Products within the catalog.

BigCommerce Products Data Dictionary

Bulk Pricing Rules

Returns a list of Bulk Pricing Rules.

BigCommerce Bulk Pricing Rules Data Dictionary

Complex Rules

Returns a list of all product Complex Rules.

BigCommerce Complex Rules Data Dictionary

Custom Fields

Returns a list of product Custom Fields

BigCommerce Custom Fields Data Dictionary

Product Metafields

Returns a list of Product Metafields

BigCommerce Product Metafields Data Dictionary

Product Modifiers

Returns a list of all Product Modifiers.

BigCommerce Product Modifiers Data Dictionary

Product Reviews

Returns a list of all Product Reviews.

BigCommerce Product Reviews Data Dictionary

Product Variants Metafields

Returns a list of product Variants

BigCommerce Product Variants Metafields Data Dictionary

Product Videos

Returns a list of Product Videos

BigCommerce Product Videos Data Dictionary


Returns a lightweight inventory summary from the BigCommerce Catalog.

The inventory summary includes:

  • “inventory_count”
  • “variant_count”
  • “inventory_value”
  • “highest_variant_price”
  • “average_variant_price”
  • “lowest_variant_price”
  • “oldest_variant_date”
  • “newest_variant_date”
  • “primary_category_id”
  • “primary_category_name”

BigCommerce Summary Data Dictionary



Will always return the default BigCommerce storefront with an ID of 1. This storefront is created by default when you provision a BigCommerce store.

BigCommerce Channels Data Dictionary

Channel Currency Assignments

Returns a list of currency assignments for all channels.

BigCommerce Channel Currency Assignments Data Dictionary

Channel Listings

Returns a list of all Channel Listings for a specific channel.
BigCommerce Channel Listings Data Dictionary

Channel Site

Returns site data for given channel.

BigCommerce Channel Site Data Dictionary



Returns a list of all store Currency.

BigCommerce Currencies Data Dictionary



Returns a list of all Customers

BigCommerce Customers Data Dictionary

Customer Addresses

Returns a list of Customer Addresses. Returns the addresses belonging to a customer. 

BigCommerce Customer Addresses Data Dictionary

Customer Attributes

Returns a list of Customer Attributes. 

BigCommerce Customer Attributes Data Dictionary

Customer Attribute Values

Returns a list of Customer Attribute Values. 

BigCommerce Customer Attribute Values Data Dictionary

Customer Form Field Values

Returns a list of Form Field Values for the Customer or Customer Address object.

BigCommerce Customer Form Field Values Data Dictionary



Get a list of all countries available. A country or territory, identifiable by an ISO 3166 country code.

BigCommerce Countries Data Dictionary


Returns a list of States belonging to a Country.

A state or province, identifiable by an ISO 3166 subdivision code.

BigCommerce States Data Dictionary



Returns a list of Banners. Default sorting is by banner id.

BigCommerce Banners Data Dictionary


Returns a list of Coupons

BigCommerce Coupons Data Dictionary

Gift Certificates

Returns a single Gift Certificate.

BigCommerce Gift Certificates Data Dictionary



Gets a list of orders using the filter query.  

BigCommerce Orders Data Dictionary

Order Coupons

Lists all order coupons. 

BigCommerce Order Coupons Data Dictionary

Order Products

Lists all order products on an order using order_id

BigCommerce Order Products Data Dictionary

Order Taxes

Gets all order taxes using  order_id. Each tax applied to an order. 

BigCommerce Order Taxes Data Dictionary

Order Status

Returns a Collection of All Order Statuses.

BigCommerce Order Status Data Dictionary

Order Shipments

Gets a list of all shipments on an order.

BigCommerce Order Shipments Data Dictionary

Order Shipping Addresses

Get all shipping addresses on an order using the order_id.

BigCommerce Order Shipping Addresses Data Dictionary

Order Messages

Gets the messages associated with an order.

BigCommerce Order Messages Data Dictionary

Order Shipping Addresses Quotes

Gets all shipping quotes associated to an order.

BigCommerce Order Shipping Addresses Quote Data Dictionary


Gets a Metafield object list, by order id.

BigCommerce Orders Metafields Data Dictionary

Order Refunds

Returns a list of refunds ordered by refund ID in ascending order.

Requires at least one of the following scopes:

  • store_v2_transactions_read_only
  • store_v2_transactions
  • store_v2_orders_read_only
  • store_v2_orders

BigCommerce Order Refunds Data Dictionary

Order Transactions

Returns an order’s transactions.

Usage Notes

  • Depending on the payment method, different information will be available (not all payment gateways return full card or fraud detail).
  • Transactions are not created for the following payment methods:
    • Test Payment Gateway
    • PayPal Express
    • Amazon Pay

Requires at least one of the following scopes:

  • store_v2_transactions_read_only
  • store_v2_transactions

BigCommerce Order Transactions Data Dictionary

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Gets the list of enabled payment methods. 

BigCommerce Payment Methods Data Dictionary

Payment Processing

Accepted Methods

Returns a list of accepted payment methods based on the order_id.

BigCommerce Accepted Methods Data Dictionary

Price Lists

Price Lists

Returns a list of Price Lists

BigCommerce Price LIsts Data Dictionary

Price List Assignments

Fetches an array of Price List Assignments matching a particular Customer Group and Price List and Channel.

BigCommerce Price List Assignments Data Dictionary

Price List Records

Returns a list of Price List Records associated with a Price List.

BigCommerce Price List Records Data Dictionary


Shipping Methods

Returns a list of Shipping Methods in a zone. 

BigCommerce Shipping Methods Data Dictionary

Shipping Zones

Returns a list of all Shipping Zones.

BigCommerce Shipping Zones Data Dictionary

Shipping Products Customs

Get customs information for products.

BigCommerce Shipping Products Customs Data Dictionary



Get sites linked to a headless storefront sales channels.

BigCommerce Sites Data Dictionary

Sites Routes

Get a site’s routes.

BigCommerce Sites Routes Data Dictionary

Store Content

Blog Posts

Returns all Blog Posts. Default sorting is by published_date, beginning with the most recent post.

BigCommerce Blog Posts Data Dictionary

Blog Tags

Returns a list of Blog Tags.

BigCommerce Blog Tags Data Dictionary

Store Information

Store Information

Returns metadata about a store.

BigCommerce Store Information Data Dictionary



Returns a list of Subscribers.

BigCommerce Subscribers Data Dictionary

Tax Classes


Returns a list of all Tax Classes in a store.

BigCommerce Taxes Data Dictionary



Returns a list of Widgets. 

BigCommerce Widget Data Dictionary


Returns a list of Placements. 

BigCommerce Placement Data Dictionary



Returns a list of wishlists. 

BigCommerce Wishlists Data Dictionary


Panoply adds the following metadata fields to each table collected from BigCommerce.

  • __resource: The selected resource
  • __store: The BigCommerce account associated with the record

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