Jupyter on BigQuery
  • 01 Feb 2024
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Jupyter on BigQuery

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Panoply on Big Query

  1. Install pandas-gbq in your Python environment.

    Install latest release version via conda
conda install pandas-gbq --channel conda-forge

Install latest release version via pip

pip install pandas-gbq
  1. Import the packages as below:
from pandas.io import gbq
  1. Run the below command in your Python environment:
df=gbq.read_gbq("<Your query>",  project_id="<Your project name>")
  1. Click the highlighted link to generate an authorization code for your Google BigQuery account. You will be asked to choose your BigQuery account.

You will need to authenticate with the @dwh-panoply.io user and not your personal Google user.



  1. Click Allow.


  1. An authorization code will be generated. Copy and paste as shown below:


You have successfully connected Jupyter Notebook to your BigQuery data warehouse.


In case you need to switch between authenticated Google users, you can add the reauth=True parameter to the read_gbq function to force Jupyter to reauthenticate with Google.

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