Google Universal Analytics Setup Guide
  • 15 Nov 2021
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Google Universal Analytics Setup Guide

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Before beginning data integration, ensure that you have the necessary permissions in place to access Google Analytics data for the desired account. To be detected by Panoply, profiles must have the Read & Analyze permissions.

If the account selected does not have permission to access the Google Analytics data, or if there is no Google Analytics account tied to the selected profile, Panoply will return an error.

To integrate Google Analytics data into Panoply using default selections, complete the following steps.

  1. From the Home page in the Panoply dashboard, click Data Sources.
  2. Click the Add Data Source button.
  3. Select Google Analytics
  4. Click Sign In With Google.
  5. Select the Google account tied to the data you would like to add to Panoply. If you do not see the profile you want in this list, we recommend that you double-check the permission settings.
  6. A Google Account Authorization window confirms whether you want to allow Panoply to access your Google Analytics data. Click Allow to continue.
  7. Select the Google Analytics View(s) from which to import data. Users must select at least one View.
  8. (Optional) Select the Dimensions. The dimensions parameter breaks down metrics by common criteria. Google Limits the number of selected dimensions to 9 and there are certain combinations that are invalid. 
  9. Select the Metrics to collect. Users must select at least one Metric.
  10. (Optional) Select Segments. When selecting a segment, another dimension (such as ga:segment) will be added automatically and will be counted as part of the dimensions limitation.
  11. Click Save Changes and then you can Click Collect.
  • The data source appears grayed out while the collection runs.
  • You may add additional data sources while this collection runs.
  • You can monitor this collection from the Jobs page or the Data Sources page. 
  • After a successful collection, navigate to the Tables page to review the data results.

This is all that is necessary to start collecting your data from Google Analytics, however there are a number of Advanced Settings you can use to customize your Facebook Pages data source. We do not recommend changing Advanced Settings unless you are an experienced Panoply user.

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