January 2024 Release Notes
  • 25 Jan 2024
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January 2024 Release Notes

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Panoply now allows you to consolidate your saved reports into dedicated dashboards. Users can add, remove, change location or change size of any report in any dashboard and share their insights with their colleagues. Read more here
Panoply also added a brand new report type. The Single Value report type is available for selection and supports the following formats:

  • Number
  • Short number (100K)
  • Currency
  • Short currency ($100K)
  • Percent

Flex Connector (v 2.11.10)

Panoply now supports the input of custom access token and refresh token field when using the refresh access token option. Users can now change enter the access token and refresh token field paths based on the API response. Read more here.

Netsuite (v 1.9.1)

The Netsuite and Netsuite TBA data sources now support the following new resources:

  • systemNote
  • transactionHistory
  • previousTransactionLink
  • transactionStatus
  • customInstallmentPercent
  • Custom lists - Custom Lists are available for selection and can be identified by both the list name and the list identifier

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