June 2024 Release Notes
  • 20 Jun 2024
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June 2024 Release Notes

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Google Drive (v 2.7.1)

Panoply now supports the extraction of files from shared drives. The lists of folders and files will now include in them also folders and files from shared drives.

Microsoft OneDrive (v 1.5.0)

Panoply supports the ability to search for specific folders across your Microsoft OneDrive account. This option is under the Advanced Settings of the OneDrive connector

Klaviyo (v 1.4.1)

When collecting the Campaigns data, the specific campaign's channel will be stated in a new __channel field in the table.

Dashboards - Share and download

Panoply now supports the ability to share dashboards and reports. Sharing allows you to either download a PDF version of the dashboard/report or share it directly via email with your colleagues.

MySQL (v 2.10.0)

Panoply now supports extraction of deleted records using the Binary Logs. When Binary Logs is enabled, Panoply will identify deleted records (on top of the new and updated ones) and will update them accordingly in Panoply. Every deleted record from MySQL will have the value true on the __deleted column in the Panoply table.

Netsuite (v 2.6.14)

The Netsuite and Netsuite TBA data sources now support the following new resources:

  • customerSalesTeam
  • inventoryBalance
  • itemVendor

Flex Connector (v 2.14.5)

Panoply now supports adding additional headers for JWT authentication. Note that there is no need to add the alg and type headers as they are added automatically when selecting the JWT authentication and specific algorithm. Read more here.

In addition to the JWT authorization change - When using the Fetch List feature in the Flex Connector, Panoply will add a new field (__list_identifier) to the main table. This field will hold the original identifier used in the API call to retreive that specific record.
When choosing to use the identifiers as multiple values, the value will be a comma delimited list of all identifiers used in the specific API call. Read more here.

Flex Connector (v 2.14.4)

Panoply now supports two types of variables:

  • Regular variable - Users can edit and view both variable name and its value.
  • Secured variable - Once the connector is saved and reloaded the variable value will be masked and cannot be viewed. The value will still be editable by clicking on the lock icon and resetting it completely.

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