Salesforce Release Notes
  • 26 Jul 2021
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Salesforce Release Notes

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Article Summary

January 2021

A bug in the proper handling of Incremental Keys was fixed.

The Parse field was removed from the UI.

December 2020

The Salesforce data source in Panoply now allows the use of the Salesforce Sandbox.

October 2020

Panoply has refreshed the Salesforce data source and is opening it up to public beta. As a part of this update, we are utilizing the Salesforce API v49.0 which added new Salesforce objects available for collection. By default, we are using an incremental key to process collections subsequent to the first collection.

Due to the fact that this update makes new objects available, users should be aware of the potential for a significant increase in the amount of data collected.

To update to the new version of Salesforce:

  • Drop your existing tables
  • Delete the existing data source
  • Use the Add Data Source button and follow the UI to collect using the new source. 

Reach out to for a possible work around for certain users. Users will have to update to the new data source by November 1, 2020.

For more information, see Salesforce Documentation

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