Flex Connector Fetch List
  • 05 Jun 2024
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Flex Connector Fetch List

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This document describes the different fetch list configuration options of the Flex Connector. In some API services, you will be required to use a list of identifiers as part of the url, parameters or headers when extracting the data. Panoply's Flex Connector supports automation of this process by gathering the list of identifiers to use either dynamically using additional API calls or from a static list.
First, you will need to enable the fetch list feature and configure the specific configurations based on the required API process or the list itself.

When using the Fetch List feature, users need to use the {identifier} variable in the main API configuration in order to determine where to use the list of identifiers.
For example, setting the based URL to be: https://myapi.com/metric/{identifier}/insights. In this example, Panoply will use the list of identifiers, one by one, and inject the identifiers in the base URL.

The majority of the paremeters needed to complete the Fetch List configuration are similar to the main configuration of the Flex Connector. On top of that, users will need to enter to new parameters that are unique to the Fetch List feature. Users will need to enter the following:

  • Fetch List From - Select between API and Static List
  • When selecting API:
    • Fetch URL - The equivalent of the Base URL. The API URL to gather the list of identifiers
    • Method
    • Post Data - Only available for POST method
    • JSON, XML or GraphQL - Depending on the selection of the above
    • URL Parameters
    • Headers
    • Data Key - The path to the data itself
    • Data Identifier Key - The path within the data to the specific identifier key.
    • Errors Waiting Time
    • Enable Pagination - Inner pagination for the Fetch List process only. See Pagination for more details
  • When selecting Static List:
    • List of identifiers - Enter a comma delimited list of identifiers to iterate on
  • Use Identifiers
    • As single value - Panoply will iterate over the list of identifiers, one identifies at a time.
    • As multiple values - Panoply will iterate over the list of identifiers with multiple identifiers in every API call
  • Number of IDs per request - Available for multiple values selection only. Define how many identifiers to use in each API call
  • Delimiter between IDs - Available for multiple values selection only. Define the delimiter that will be used between the different identifiers

When using the Fetch List feature, Panoply will add a new field (__list_identifier) to the main table. This field will hold the original identifier used in the API call to retreive that specific record.
When choosing to use the identifiers as multiple values, the value will be a comma delimited list of all identifiers used in the specific API call.

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